Self-Defense Tactics offers Kids Classes for Children from Ages 7 to 12. Kids learn how to defend themselves from bullies, how to escape from rooms and how to get away from people trying to harm them. Of course, "we should never talk to strangers" is emphasized and explained: it is ok to talk to police officers, firemen and teachers or people our parents say that it is ok to speak to.

Drug Prevention, Alcohol Prevention, Situational Awareness, Listen Well, Buddy System and many more tactics will be taught to your children.

Parents, you may be called upon by the Instructor to assist in the class. :D
, because some tactics that are taught, like Stop Look Exit, need a parent to hold the door open for the children when exiting a room and to guide them in escaping the room.

Parents are also expected to be there at the class their child attends. If a parent cannot make it, please arrange with another parent that you know to take your place. Feel free to work this detail out with other Cobalt Kids' parents who attend the Children's classes. It's always advisable to have more eyes watching the kids while training. Everyone is safer that way.

Tentative Times & Days:
MW @ 4:30pm

  • $55 / Child / Month (subject to change because I'm just staring out. Please bear with me :-))
  • $95 / Adult / Month whose Child is Attending Classes

  • Groin Protection
  • Goggles
  • Mouth Guard

**4 Classes Free**

Basic Tactics Taught
  • Anti-bullying
  • Running
  • Rolling
  • Jumping
  • Escaping holds, hand grips and rooms
  • Squirm like a Worm!! Hide Like a Ninja
  • Basic stances
  • Remaining Calm
  • Using punches, kicks & slapping
  • Walk away from pushing & shoving
  • Obey your Parents and Teachers
  • Increase their attention span
  • Using elbows and knees
  • Pound Shields and Freestanding bags like a Boss!!!
Primary Techniques Taught
  • Palm Strikes
  • Straight Punches
  • Front Stomp kick
  • Front Groin kick
  • Outside Blocks
  • Inside Blocks
  • Knee & elbow blocks
  • Wrist Grabs
  • Bear Hug Escapes
  • Choke Escapes
    • Front with 2 hands
    • Front with 1 hand
    • Rear with 2 hands
    • Rear with 1 hand
    • Focus Mitt Drills
  • Ground Combatives
    • Palm Strikes
    • Spinning
    • Protective Kicking
    • Rolling
    • Getting up
    • Buck Trap Roll Escapes
    • Stances
  • Spinning to get out of Pushes (Football Player Moves!)
  • Respectful Conduct
    • Speaking
    • Acting
  • Rolling, Falling, Throwing
  • And Much much more….

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