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Of Wolves, Sheep, Sheep Dogs & Hyenas



Descent Into Darkness
Rise of the Avar Nira
Awakening Part I

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Fantasy Books

Descent Into Darkness
(Rise of the Avar Nira)

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In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15075 on the 9
th of November in the city-state of Alixandrea on the Deeloraine peninsula, which is situated upon the continent of Andoe’Klin, a gnome steals to survive, a young wealthy trophy woman seeks meaning and purpose, a tortured half-elf questions his existence and a 300 year old exiled lizardman just wants to go home. All are caught up in a larger struggle that spans centuries and their seemingly little lives will be snared in a trap that requires the best of them to come forth and to leave old ways, old prejudices, and the familiar, behind to embrace the new that Christ Jesus has for them on this epic journey.


Role Playing Game

Blood, Guts & Grace
Christian Fantasy Role Playing Game

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Are you an avid Christian? Do you love medieval fantasy role playing games? Do you enjoy hanging with friends adventuring upon an unknown continent in a mostly unpopulated world where discovery is right around the corner?

In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15075 on the on the Deeloraine peninsula, situated upon the continent of Andoe’Klin in a medieval time where the remnants of the human race are recovering from the tumultuous turbulent upheavals brought on by former prideful CEOs worshipping power, money and control, the world of Ksa-Korin still struggles to survive.
Humans, what ones that exist, come in many genetically alter forms: dwarves, elves, gnomes, humans, fairies, brownies, lizardmen, cat people, winged folk and more. All live in walled cities of one type or another because the other inhabitants of Ksa-Korin hate humans and seek to wipe them out completely. These other inhabitants, Monsters, are actually bio-genetically crafted beings who roam in hordes upon the land. Avar Nira, Kobolds, orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, Minotaurs, hydras and dinosaurs just to name a few, are the bane of the Race of Adam and the Children of Jesus Christ.

Dive in and discover the Spiritual power wielded by the Children of God. Discover the mystics, who aid
humans in seeking Divine guidance, heal the wounded, rescue the oppressed and become the ones who expand the places humans may live by riding the land of Monster Hoards!


Various Topics

Of Wolves, Sheep and Sheep Dogs
(The Necessity of Violence)

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In our everyday lives here in the United States for those of us who do not come from the hood or live in large cities where crime is rampant, physical violence and tyranny from thugs, for the most part, is an abnormality. Being a self-defense instructor, however, I know that at times we must defend ourselves from thugs (white collar and blue collar). Sometimes that defense is physical. At other times it’s mental martial arts.

My book outlines how to recognize Wolves, Sheep, Sheep Dogs and Hyenas (4 distinct Human personality types and their behaviors) so that we may surround ourselves with people who support us and not destroy us. I have encountered each of these types and mostly in a non-violent way because they were High-Functioning Wolves. My aim is to aid potential victims to recognize these beings behavior patterns and thwart them before they can cause damage or irreparable damage.

I don’t discuss street fighting or street fighting techniques. I offer practical advice on how to spot these types of enemies, how to evade them and I challenge the Read to take full responsibility for their outlook on life and their personal direction.

Harm comes to us all. How we chose to move forward afterwards and if we choose to move forward afterwards is the hardest and most challenging part. “It’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward! Nothing and nobody hits as hard a life!” Sylvester Stallone. Great quote and I agree100%.

This book is to help survivors of violent attacks from High Functioning Wolves to keep moving forward and future potential victims to avoid them if at all possible. I offer guidance to those who, like me, must endure the assault to once again, live, no merely survive.



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Raising A Modern Day Knight
SecondSale Publishing
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Develop your Character
Develop your Knightly Order for your family
Learn what it means to be a Man of Christ Jesus

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Can't Hurt Me
SecondSale Publishing
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A Man who faced real challenges
A Man who faced real discrimination
A Man who speaks the Truth and implements Raising a Modern Day Knight