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Becoming Your Own Master

Why Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics Part 2

Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

In Part One of Why Cobalt,

I explained the usual self-defense reasons for studying and training in my school.

However, there are more important reasons that are less tangible than those I've ready mentioned. What happens when you've reached my Black Belt level and earned your Black Band?

Wait, "you said that you have no levels. What gives?"

Yes and no. I have 3 levels with a total of 6 bands... the 7th.. you must award to yourself.

I teach in such a way that I pull material from all of my levels into each class, for the most part. Somethings I keep out until the student has proven themselves worthy to study under me. After that, then what's next?

My goal in Cobalt is to train my Tribers to the level where they, after a few years of studying with me, take what I've given them and modify it to suit their needs, body type and defense style. I, like Bruce Lee, learn almost everything, take what works and discard the rest - mostly. As a teacher, I hold on to things that do not work for me but may work for someone else. So I keep those things in my back pocket to aid my Tribers in their personal development.

In the end, after all of my material has been learned, I expect that Triber to be in my Advanced class and to start modifying what they've learned to suit themselves.. SELF ADVANCEMENT through continued training with fellow Tribers. My "style" is a system and NOT a style.

What we train is grounded in continuous ballistic self-defense. After that, it's open to interpretation by my advanced students.

Advanced Definition: Triber can:

  • Better Govern their Temper
  • Dropped Their EGO and
  • ADOPTED the Attitude of the Continual Student - learn from everyone; don't care who "bests" me, I'm Learning!
  • Has developed much greater body control so that more dangerous movement may be executed with safety

Come and Join our Crew... and help us grow while we help you grow, too.


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