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Don’t Stop Striving after your Dreams

Why Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics?

Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Why choose my school? Because I believe it's the best? It's not THE BEST.... Because I want your business? If Jesus calls you to be my student, then yes.... Because it's fun? Yup, sure is..... Because you'll learn how to defend yourself? Yes, you will... Because .....

Because it is what you are already seeking... and you may not even know it.

What is Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics? No Belts No Levels No Ring Fighting No Titles No Fame No Fortune

All about a man learning how to become the best Sheep Dog he can be for himself and those around him, his family, his coworkers. It's for women who wants to be able to defend herself, her family and even others if called upon to do so. It's about learning how to not freeze in the face of life threatening danger. Training, Training Training

It's not about learning how to beat another guy in the ring or in a sparring match. It's about learning how to go ballistic on bags, shields, mitts, ground and pound dummies, all while working with other Tribers, our teammates, who attack us with shields, mitts, bats, knives and hand guns (YES ALL PRACTICE WEAPONS with APPROPRIATE protective gear - No Live Weapons ON the Studio Floor Allowed).

We train in many ways to learn to face physically and mentally stressful situations. We train how to ESCAPE the fight!!!! NOT STAY IN IT!! Totally not like what you see on TV.

In real self-defense, we train to escape: SURVIVAL that's our focus.

Part One of Cobalt.....

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