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The Essence of Cobalt Training

Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Hi fellow Tribers, Martial Artists and Self-Defense Practitioners!!!

How are you today? I hope well.

The Real Enemy: "Fear of Sacrifice to Achieve One's Goal"

Today's topic: The Essence of Cobalt Training.

It is: Train with the intent that your enemy (laziness, envy, pride, anger, greed...) is right before you represented in the shield being held by your fellow Triber, the freestanding bag laughing at you, the ground & pound dummy spitting at your efforts or the mitts taunting, daring you to strike them. Strike with ALL your might and SEE the Vital Point that you are hitting with all your strength, emotion and resolve!!

The way you train is the way you will defend yourself. Sparring helps you stay in a box: the ring. Striking at full force, no holding your power back, no holding your speed back, no bridling of your emotions as you invest your strikes into the striking equipment... that is the Essence of Cobalt. Forget all else. Focus on your targets before you. Move. Breathe. Strike. Strike. Strike. Move. Draw out your Inner Tiger (Your Inner Cobalt Ice Blue Fire)!!!

This is the way that I think and see when I am training. I do not focus on what my opponent is doing. I execute. I counter. Then, I execute again.

Visualization is paramount in Cobalt training because we simply cannot strike Vital Points on our fellow Tribers without drastic consequences and the potential loss of students. However, we MUST train in such a way as to use ALL our power, speed and recovery capability when striking to defend ourselves.

It's not a ring bout!!! No one's giving us $$$ No one's handing out titles No one's gaining fame It's about Survival

Can you train yourself such that, whatever happens, you respond and then strike repeatedly no matter what your opponent is doing? That is my way. I see the Vital Points, strike, cover and move.

Sparring in class has its purpose: govern one's anger get rid of pride develop calmness in face of danger seek escape and plan a path to reach your exit

The last point is important because at Cobalt, we train to survive and to survive we must extricate ourselves from the violent encounter.


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