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Good Eating!!  It starts with Your Personal Goal for Your Health

Nutrition for Martial Artists: KETO or PALEO

Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Good Day all,

today, Saturday September 7th, 2019, we entered into our Keto Kickoff for Super Health!!! Our first Nutritional Exchange was a success! We are starting our New Health Style on Monday, September 9th and it's very simple:

  • First, we determined the length of time we will be doing our Initial foray into the Keto Health Style: 6 Weeks!!!
  • Second: We found our Role Model!! (someone we want to be more physically like within 6 weeks! - KEEP IT REAL)
  • Third: We will take a picture of ourself in our private bathrooms on Monday to have a Marker
  • Forth:
    • One and Only One 4 hour eating window PER DAY for 7 DAYS a Week! For ONLY 6 weeks
    • Eat a rather Larger than normal meal during that 4 hour eating window
  • Fifth: Write down our experiences that day in our Keto Journal
    • what we ate that day - be honest!!!
    • how we felt during that day - while driving to work, at work, at home, while shopping
    • struggles that we're having
  • Fifth: Every 3 days at 11, I will send out Encouragement Text messages to help our Tribe keep going
  • Sixth: We meet Each Saturday at noon to discuss our Keto Journal and our current Walk
  • Seventh: At the End of 6 Weeks, we will access where we are and if we met our goals of fat loss, not weight loss, fat loss. This goal is determined by looking at our selves in the mirror and comparing who we see now and who we were 6 weeks ago. Pictures...... invaluable

Come and Join us!!!!

But wait, where's the Keto? Where's the Paleo?

Mmmmm well, following the path that Dr. Jason Fung uses for his patients, we are not eating a strict Keto Diet, however, I will and do because I'm primed for it. First Timers, however, are advised to stick to the 4 hour eating window and THEN drop all sugared beverages, candy, desserts and THEN pick up more fatty foods. My First Timers are sticking to the 4 hour eating window for 6 weeks and we re-assess each week to determine if we are reaching their desired goals or not. If not, then we start removing certain foods and adding in more fat. The KEY for us right now is the 4 hour eating window, plenty of water and electrolytes on a daily basis. That's plenty to start off with.

O, yea, and no working out for the first 3 weeks of those FIRST 6 weeks.

No working out at all!! Just simple walks; nothing strenuous.

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