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Cobalt Kids Classes

Cobalt KIDS Classes

Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Cobalt Kids

These classes are still in flux and in the making. So is the pricing. Please bear with me as I open this aspect of my business.

I recently gained a new student who has children. He was so happy at having found my school that he exclaimed that his child would be jealous... "My daughter is going to be jealous. She's going to have to join." I listened. He further stated that he and his wife knew several other kids who are friends of their daughter and that she would ask them to come with her to join.

Then, I had an idea, hahaha, an inspired idea: Start my Cobalt Kids Classes.

So, I'm bringing out my Children's curriculum, my prevention teachings, my pricing and the layout of the Cobalt Kids Classes. First off, it's for 7 to 12 year old children. They will be learning respect for themselves, others, how to pay attention when being directed by an Instructor/Teacher, as well as discipline, honesty and hard work!! :D. All the things that I learned as a kids while having fun.

My goals: To provide a safe place for kids to learn respect and to learn self-defense. To provide a great location for kids to make new friends and to challenge kids to not be afraid to grow especially when growth means they must learn to face opposition: people against them, circumstances against them... so they learn to buckle down and give it their all to achieve a goal that is placed in front of them.

What are your goals for your children as they enter into a martial arts class?

Here is my Google, FB and Instagram Ad Up and Coming: Cobalt Kids Classes @ Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics!!
I’m excited to start Kids classes for boys & girls ages 7~12, MWF @ 4:30pm Dec 2nd ~ 20th, FREE CLASSES!!! Before then, I charge $55/student. Parents who wish to train/workout in my Self-Defense Classes will be charged $95 / month per parent. If that parent wishes to take Fitness Kickboxing inestead of the Self-Defense courses, just talk to me in person and we will work something out.

These rates are Promotional Rates and subject to change in the New Year, 2020. This offering is a First for Cobalt. Call for more details. 256-479-3380

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