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Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Hello fellow martial artists and self-defense practitioners!!

How are you? I hope well, full of life energy and happiness that you spread around you.

Not happy? Not full of life? No passion? No Drive? Check your Why. As a martial artist, I have lived with many Why's. But the one that matters most is the one that will see you through ...

Good Eating!!  It starts with Your Personal Goal for Your Health
Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Good Day all,

today, Saturday September 7th, 2019, we entered into our Keto Kickoff for Super Health!!! Our first Nutritional Exchange was a success! We are starting our New Health Style on Monday, September 9th and it's very simple:

  • First, we determined the length of time we will be doing our Initial foray into the Keto Health ...
The Keto Diet
Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Hi everyone!!

First, I wish to give credit to for using their picture and their site which, in my opinion, very consisely spells out the Ketogenic Diet.

I am ...

Author: Allen Saucier | Posted on: | Category:

Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics Logo Hello fellow Martial Artists and Self-Defense Practitioners,

I'm Allen, the Chief Instructor at Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics. Welcome to my Site!! I'm excited to share with my love of self-defense with you.

First, I ...

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